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Solar system

Today, energy is one of the basic human needs, so that the global approach to the use of renewable energy as a long-term solution to the problem of energy has increased. Iran is among the top 20 countries in the world in terms of electricity production and consumption. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), solar energy is the least expensive way to generate electricity in 2018, and therefore solar power plants are widely developed. They have a variety of power plants. Solar energy is the most unique source of renewable energy in the world and is the main source of all energy on earth.

Vestadezh Asia Renewable Energy Unit officially started its research studies by attracting experts in this field. At present, Vestadezh Asia Company has the ability to design, produce and supply all kinds of structures supporting solar panels, including home and industrial systems, street lights, and solar water pumps in its production and technical units.

Product manufacturing and technical design:

The production of outcomes in Vestadezh Company are in accordance with the regulations of SATBA (Renewable Energy and Electricity Efficiency Organization). All profiles are made of ST37 galvanized sheets and their joints are made of ST37 sheets and after the construction stage, they are heated according to ASTM A123 standard or the equivalent national standard with ISIRI code 16353 so that the structure is strong against environmental conditions. Have the necessary and increase their resistance to corrosion. It should be noted that the national standard of Iran has been compiled by following the model of valid international standards such as ASTM, ISO and DIN, which have been used for hot plating of parts of Vestadezh company.

The design of cold rolled steel structures and sections, or so-called CFS, is done according to the standard and regulations of the American Steel and Iron Institute (AISI) in the renewable energy unit of Vestadezh Company, and all design outputs are classified and controlled accordingly. Becomes. On the other hand, the technical team and support of the renewable energy unit, respectively


Continually review and study the national regulations of Iran regarding the more detailed study of regional wind and snow loading in the country. This unit uses the latest and most up-to-date version of SAP2000 software to analyze and design structures and other solar structure connections. SAP2000 software has a special place among companies and engineers.