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Mesh Tray

The mesh tray is creatively designed to be configurable and installed in the most complex conditions. The structure of this basket is such that it shows the maximum strength with the least weight and is easily transported in the project, and this product can even be installed in difficult paths with the least connections

Surface protection steel mesh trays, or AISI 304 or L 316 stainless steel with safety edge are used to support and manage the cables. The mesh tray is a series of electric wire mesh that has high strength and traction. Ease of installation, thanks to its flexibility and fast connection system, does not require any screws for support and accessories and saves materials and labor costs. Manufactured according to the international standard IEC 61537. It covers a wide range of sizes.

Carrying out support, management and distribution operations of cables in electrical or telecommunication installations in civil engineering, tunnels, parks, public buildings, shopping centers, data processing centers, infrastructure, airports, underground tunnels and railways. Industrial applications such as: navy, petrochemical, textile, chemical and food. Indoor programs in dry environment or in humid environments.

Features and Benefits:

1. High flexibility and simplicity in connections thus reducing runtime

2. No need for angles and elbows and accessories such as this reduces the cost of implementation.